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Oilseed rape growers in Ireland have a new spring herbicide at their disposal.


Korvetto®, from Corteva Agriscience, has gained approval for use in the country following a UK launch two years ago.


Containing ArylexTM active in formulation with clopyralid, Korvetto targets the ‘red-faced’ weeds which can emerge above the crop.


It has excellent activity on a broad spectrum of problem weeds that steal yield and cause issues at harvest time, with robust control of cleavers, mayweed and, in particular, thistles.


“Even farms which apply good autumn herbicide programmes in a timely manner will usually face a late winter and early spring-germinating broadleaf weed burden” said Liz Glynn, Corteva’s Field Technical Manager for Ireland.


“Korvetto will be a good option for Irish farmers because it will control many of the weeds found in oilseed rape crops as daylight hours increase and temperatures rise.”


Corteva’s Galera® (clopyralid + picloram) has played a leading role in most spring-applied oilseed rape herbicide programmes on Irish farms for many years.


But Liz says Korvetto represents a step-change in performance.


She said: “Both contain clopyralid, but Korvetto is significantly beefed up by the inclusion of Arylex – the unique herbicide molecule which is used in many of Corteva’s products, such as Belkar®.


“The inclusion of Arylex allows farmers to cover a wider spectrum of weeds while gaining a higher level of control.”


The application window for Korvetto is 1 March through to growth stage BBCH50 (flower buds visible above the crop).


An aquatic buffer zone of five metres is required, and the application rate is 1l/ha. The product can only be used once per crop.


Strong oilseed rape prices and the launch of new, high-yielding varieties such as Pioneer’s PT303 Protector Sclerotinia have driven an increase in the planted area of oilseed rape for 2022.


Prices of delivered oilseed rape in the UK were quoted at £510.50/t in January*.


“A broadleaf herbicide such as Korvetto will give the crop every chance to fulfil its potential during spring and therefore ultimately will maximise farmers’ profits,” Liz said.


With registration coming so close to the beginning of the application window, Corteva says availability for the coming season could be limited, but is working to make as much product available as possible.




*Price according to AHDB Market Report – 31 January 2022


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