How we do it?



We start at the beginning. We need to know what you are trying to achieve and understand why you need that strategy. That first conversation gets the juices flowing and allows us to think broadly about how best to get your project underway.

research workshop


Now we’re getting into the detail. How does your company behave? What channels have worked in the past and where would you like to go in the future? Are there any communication issues you want to overcome? From these conversations, we will draw up our suggested plan of activity – usually lasting about 12 months – covering as much of your marketing and communications as you need.

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If you have the team in place to deliver the plan, we will hand it over for execution. We don’t disappear, of course. We have technology to help you measure the impact of the activity, and can tweak or change elements of the strategy as things get going. The beauty is that your team knows what it’s doing, when and who is doing it. We’re just here for support.

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