endophytes in crop development

Farmers will get the chance to explore the fascinating world of endophytes with the help of an expert panel of leading US researchers and agroecology consultant Ben Taylor-Davies at a free Root to Seed Health webinar taking place on 2 July.

Prof James White of Rutgers University in New Jersey will outline his research into rhizophagy and how endophytes affect root development, while the University of Washington’s Prof Sharon Doty will present her work discovering endophytes that fix nitrogen and sequester phosphorous.

Farmer and agroecology consultant Ben Taylor-Davies will join the experts to chair an interactive panel session for a no holds barred discussion.

The event is being organised by Unium Bioscience to celebrate the launch of its new biological seed treatment – Tiros Max, in collaboration with the British On-farm Innovation Network (BOFIN).

“As scientists begin to unravel the special relationship between plants and microbes, one of the most exciting discoveries is the role of endophytes and how these colonies of microbes can be recruited by plants according to their specific needs,” says Unium Director John Haywood.

“We’re excited to welcome two of the leading researchers in this field to this special webinar.”

“With questions from the audience, there’s the opportunity to find out anything you want to know about endophytes, including how farming practices affect them and how effective it is to supplement naturally occurring endophytes with biological amendments,” says BOFIN Founder Tom Allen-Stevens.

Both John and Unium’s UK Commercial Manager Andrew Cromie will be on hand to answer questions related to the company’s new endophyte product, Tiros Max, which contains a consortium of these strains.

To register for the webinar, which takes place on Tuesday 2 July at 6pm, click here. For more information contact info@bofin.org.uk.

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