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The British Free Range Egg Producers Association (BFREPA) is urging all businesses and individuals involved in free range and organic production to sign its new Egg Pledge.


Launched today at the association’s annual conference in Birmingham, BFREPA wants to unite the sector behind a commitment to work together for a better, more sustainable future.


It comes following a year of campaigning for a fair deal for farmers who have been hit by rocketing costs of production.


Many farms have seen energy bills increase by tens of thousands of pounds while feed costs have risen by 50% or more. Transport, labour and the cost of pullets have all gone up too, leaving producers struggling to make a profit, or in the worst cases, ceasing production altogether.


Industry predictions are that egg supply will continue to tighten this winter, leading to shortages.


BFREPA CEO Robert Gooch said: “This year the inflationary pressures we have all seen in our daily lives has been affecting farmers badly, particularly poultry farms which have birds to feed every day.


“Many free range and organic egg enterprises decided to pause production or give up altogether as a result. Yet consumers still want eggs so eventually there will be a shortfall.


“These are difficult times and it would be very easy for an industry to fragment, rather than work together.


“The Egg Pledge we are launching today is part of BFREPA’s effort to unite the industry, anabling it to focus on a common objective – long term success and sustainability.”


Any individual or business can sign the pledge, with their commitment documented on


BFREPA will be approaching all packers, retailers, food businesses and politicians to ask for their support. Anyone signing the pledge will be kept updated about its progress and given the opportunity to engage by adding support or expertise when issues affecting the sector arise.


“It is imperative farmers can continue to produce a high quality, high welfare, nutritious and versatile protein for consumers, which is why we’re asking for the public and industry’s support,” Robert said.


“By signing the pledge, you are showing your support for British free range and organic egg producers and playing a part in ensure they have a sustainable future.”




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