The Challenge

Shoppers’ obsession with large eggs has placed an increasing pressure on BFREPA members because it has caused an oversupply of medium eggs. The knock on effect is that producers get paid less for their mediums. The breaking point came in the summer of 2018 when soaring temperatures reduced hen feed intake causing even fewer large eggs to be laid. The resulting devaluation of the medium egg market had a substantial impact on producers’ bottom line. Something needed to be done to change consumer preference away from large eggs towards medium and mixed weight boxes.

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What we did

A crisis meeting in autumn 2018 with BFREPA’s Council clearly identified the issues that needed addressing. We spearheaded the ‘Make mine a medium’ campaign and utilised our extensive industry contacts to spread this message across national and trade print publications, websites, radio stations and prime-time television. We also collaborated with high profile chefs who have traditionally favoured large eggs in recipes, and drove an engaging social media content strategy.

Our campaign highlighted there are no discernible differences between medium and large eggs and encouraged shoppers to choose medium or mixed weight boxes. A key social media tool included a hugely popular video with organic free range egg producer Susie Macmillan from The Mac’s Farm.


The ‘Make mine a medium’ campaign exceeded all expectations, attracting millions of pounds worth of media coverage and a demonstrable change in consumer behaviour. It also served to raiss the profile of BFREPA within industry, building  its reputation as a change leader.

The campaign continues to be picked up today. It has featured on BBC Countryfile, BBC Radio 4, The One Show, Secrets of Your Supermarket Food and Food Unwrapped, generating millions of views.

The Susie Macmillan video (which you can watch on this page) was viewed over 100,000 times in the week it was launched and high profile chefs including Ainsley Harriot, Michelle Roux and Michael Caines acknowledged the importance of the campaign and pledged to align their behaviours and messages to this in the future.

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